Kubernetes course (book + video) and practical labs

Peter Jausovec
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Start Kubernetes will teach you everything you need to know to effectively use Kubernetes.

Who am I?

Hi! I am Peter Jausovec. I am a software engineer with more than a decade of experience in the field of software development and tech.

In recent years I've been focusing on developing distributed systems and cloud-native solutions using Docker, Kubernetes, and Istio. I am an author of multiple books, speaker, and trainer. I have delivered talks and workshops on cloud-native topics (Kubernetes, Istio) all around the world. 

What is Start Kubernetes?

This course includes everything you should know about Kubernetes as a beginner. What are Pods, how do ReplicaSets manage Pods and why do we need Deployments? I'll teach you about Ingress resource and controllers, show you how to run your applications in Kubernetes and expose them through custom domains, run MongoDB inside your cluster, and even show you how to create your own custom resource and controller. 

After you've finished the ebook and watched all 23 videos, you will have enough knowledge to feel comfortable working with Kubernetes.
To test your knowledge, you can go through 40 practical exercises you can run on your own computer. Yes! You'll run a cluster on your own computer, install a custom learning environment, and go through the exercises from your browser.


There are three bundles you can choose from.


Check out the full table of contents at https://startkubernetes.com/toc

⦿ The 230-page e-book in PDF, Mobi, and ePub format

⦿ 6 videos (covering Pods, ReplicaSets, and Deployments)
⦿ Kubernetes YAML files
⦿ All source code in Go and Javascript


⦿ 23 instructional videos (3 hours 36 minutes)

⦿ The 230-page e-book in PDF, Mobi, and ePub format

⦿ All source code (Go, Javascript, YAML)

⦿ Access to the private Slack community


⦿ Interactive labs with 41 practical and theoretical challenges

⦿ 23 instructional videos (3 hours 36 minutes)

⦿ The 230-page e-book in PDF, Mobi, and ePub format

⦿ All source code (Go, Javascript, YAML)

⦿ Access to the private Slack community


"Just spent the weekend working through your "Getting started with Kubernetes" article and it was awesome, having known zero about Kubernetes previously.

Keep up the good work, hope you do the other parts!"
Gavin G.

"I read your article on Getting Started with Kubernetes and it was really super helpful. Thank you for taking the time out to write it.

I've been trying to make the jump to DevOps engineer, learning Docker and Kubernetes but other tutorials can get so complicated and hard to understand. This one was particularly easy to read. Definitely waiting on subsequent parts of the article and the book."
Ife S.

"Getting started with Kubernetes" was the material I was looking for to get an introduction to k8s. Thanks."

Gopal A.

"BTW, just started reading and I'm already learning new stuff! Thanks for sharing, I am still at the beginning but it's really clear and useful"
Lorenzo L.

"I need to say that the part related to Services is very clear and easy. Super simple!"
Riccardo T.


Is this course good for beginners?
Yes! I built this course with beginners in mind. The book explains the Kubernetes concepts from the ground up. No previous knowledge of Kubernetes needed!

Do I need a Kubernetes cluster from AWS/GCP/Azure?
For most of the content, you can either use Minikube or Docker Desktop. A couple of sections require a 'real' cluster - setting up real domains and SSL with Ingress, and using AppArmor. For everything else, you can use Minikube, Docker Desktop, or other local cluster options. 

What's the e-book format?  
The e-book is available in PDF, ePub, and Mobi format. You can download one or all three, or read it online!

How about the videos?
All videos are in MP4 format. You can download them for offline viewing, or stream them directly from Gumroad. No DRM.

What if I don't like it?
If you don't like the course, send me an email to peter@startkubernetes.com and I'll give you a full refund, no questions asked. 

  • Book
    230 pages
  • Videos
    3+ hours
  • Labs
    41 exercises
  • Book230 pages
  • Videos3+ hours
  • Labs41 exercises


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Kubernetes course (book + video) and practical labs

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